Professional Support

A Professional Source for Wine Sales & Representation in the U.S.

  • Product Preparation For Market
  • Brand Equity Building
  • Sales
  • Marketing Direction
  • Importation And Logistics
  • Forming Distributor Alliances
  • Competitive Packaging And Trade Dress
  • Industry Trends And Analysis
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Market Insight And Navigation
  • Identity Package

Wine Brand Foundation

Our role is to help you sell more wine, to more customers, more often, at higher prices.

  • Working together we will uncover your brand’s Top 10 selling propositions:
    Emotional, Functional, Tactical
  • We will conduct an in depth line evaluation of your wines and how they compare
    to our agreed defined competitive set
  • International Vines will review and make recommendations on your packaging
    design/trade dress. Rarely a revolutionary change is necessary.
  • A vital component of market success is your Essential Brand Message – what
    differentiates your brand from the pack? What are you all about?
  • Brand & Winery Imaging: Sophisticated – Heritage – Modern – Value?
  • Evaluating Importers – where applicable.
  • Collateral Material – Concept to design.
  • Financial Budgeting and Preparation for Market Readiness

Wine Brand Distribution

  • Brand Standards are a key component to how our brands are viewed by each tier
    of the wine business.
  • Depending on the size, price, packaging, and goals of the company, it is
    important to determine which of the over 20 channels of distribution we want to
  • Hundreds of new wine brands are attempting to break into the U.S. Matching
    distribution with consumer demand is the best way to guarantee a brand’s
    sustainable growth.
  • Choosing the most appropriate wholesale network is the key to having your
    products enthusiastically and regularly presented.

Wine Sales Expertise

International Vines operates as your sales and marketing department — we are
collaborative and part of the team.

  • A Core Business Strategy must be developed prior to setting up your wholesale
    network or even approaching your first customer. If you are currently in the
    market – deciding the next 2 years direction will be imperative.
  • Pricing can be one of the most difficult things for a winery to do. International
    Vines has a roadmap for pricing that will achieve the ultimate goals.
  • Defining the competitive set is uniquely important; it is our job to make sure we
    have defined our competitors before they define us.

The result of brand and winery review will be an extensive sales plan that will include
recommendations on distributor networks, suggested retail and restaurant focus, sales
education, the brands top selling propositions, selling with confidence through the 3-
4 tier system, a 3 year case sales timeline, and a solid understanding of being a wine
marketer in the US. Sales execution is our core strength.