Our Portfolio

We firmly believe it is the quality of wines and the quantity of sales that makes a great portfolio.  We have a limited number of labels and wineries in our portfolio so we can build long-term positioning for a continued future.  


Marilyn Wines are an Icon in the world of Napa Valley wines. Most of the vintages of Marilyn Merlot are coming from the fabled Stags Leap, Yount Mill and Beckstoffer vineyards. Marilyn Wines is made up of Norma Jean (a young Merlot), our Napa Valley Sauvignon Blonde, Marilyn Merlot, The Velvet Collection, and Now the latest Collection of Marilyn MONROE Wines.  Many of these wines are rare collector’s items with one time releases. Enjoy a bottle – Collect a bottle – and gift a bottle  to someone special.


Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough can be distinctive, but it takes attention to winemaking, soils and viticultural practices found in our Maritai Vineyard. We make wines that stand out not only from the very large pack, but express themselves uniquely from one to another. Arona, The Loop, ranga.ranga and Three Brooms exist for one basic reason; to highlight the depth of character, complexity, and quality that comes from the Maritai Vineyards. The world needs more great Sauvignon Blanc, and it our passion, dedication and unyielding commitment that will create an opportunity for these wines to be widely enjoyed.

Simon, Ed and Gillett


Calcada Wine Estates is a medium size winery with its founding vineyards going back to 1917.  The winery was founded in a 17th Century CASA known for it's adornment of Calcada tiles. The Estate explores over 70 hectares of vineyards, and is located in the Vinho Verde demarcated region of Amarante.   Best known for producing quality Rose and White Vinho Verde wines, the winery has completed a new wine-making center with an increased winemaking capacity to serve the newly planted vineyards. It is equipped with the most advanced technology for the production of Vinhos Verdes and sparkling wines, while keeping the traditional production methods that characterize its origins . Calcada Wine Estates also owns a farm in the demarcated region of Douro, UNESCO World Heritage.


How is a great wine born? From an idea first of all, followed by the choice of the ideal soil and the planting of the vineyard with a density of 6,500 vines per hectare. And yes! At the end a great wine is made first of all in the vineyard, then in the cellar giving great importance to the control of the temperatures and the appropriate use of the containers, finally 
the aging.

In fact, the operations in the vineyards are all carried out by hand and carefully treated, so that each of the plants produces only very few high quality bunches that carry the maximum expression of the vine. In the cellar the fermentation takes place in vertical barriques. Aging in the bottle completes the evolution of the wines.